This page is dedicated to information specifically to insurance changes as related to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  All though many hours are spent training local officials serving a communities flood related needs, insurance included, Risk Rating 2.0 has many unanswered questions as of August 2022.

As information is provided, it will be shared on this page.  You are encouraged to share you flood elevation certificate(s) (EC’s) and insurance declaration page with Don Clare, Floodplain Manager.  This is the first step in potentially improving a non-compliant structure or affirming compliance of a structure and staying current.

Monmouth Beach Flood Elevation certificates can be viewed by clicking here.  If no EC exist, none will show.  We continually update our system as we receive new certificates.


Checkout these important links.

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FEMA Updates Its Flood Insurance Rating Methodology to Deliver More Equitable Pricing

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More to come!

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