Monmouth Beach Floodplain Services Available to the Public

For questions about the following contact Don Clare, Floodplain Manager at 732-229-2204 Ext 1004 or by email at

New Insurance Regulations (This content is being updated 06/2022 ).

Read more about Risk Rating 2.0

FEMA published more info about Risk Rating 2.0 

Flood Insurance Resources

Flood Map Resources

  • Provide Property Specific Base Flood Elevations and Design Flood Elevations
  • Provide tutorials on use of FEMA online map resources
  • Provide FEMA flood map firmettes in conjunction with the FEMA Flood Map Service Center

Other map information available within the Borough and its professional resources 

  • Basic FIRM information
    • Online and in person basic information found on a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) that is needed to write a flood insurance policy.
  • Additional FIRM information available online and in person.
    • Such as protected coastal barriers, floodways, or lines demarcating wave action.
  • Problems not shown on the FIRM
    • Information about flood