Monmouth Beach Floodplain Services Available to the Public

For questions about the following contact Don Clare, Floodplain Manager at 732-229-2204 Ext 1004 or by email at

New Insurance Regulations (This content is being updated 06/2022 ).

Read more about Risk Rating 2.0

FEMA published more info about Risk Rating 2.0 

Flood Insurance Resources

Flood Map Resources

  • Provide Property Specific Base Flood Elevations and Design Flood Elevations
  • Provide tutorials on use of FEMA online map resources
  • Provide FEMA flood map firmettes in conjunction with the FEMA Flood Map Service Center

Other map information available within the Borough and its professional resources 

  • Basic FIRM information
    • Online and in person basic information found on a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) that is needed to write a flood insurance policy.
  • Additional FIRM information available online and in person.
    • Such as protected coastal barriers, floodways, or lines demarcating wave action.
  • Problems not shown on the FIRM
    • Information about flood problems other than those shown on the FIRM.
  • Flood depth data
    • Provide information about flood depths.
  • Special flood-related hazards
    • Provide important links and available information about special flood-related hazards, such as erosion, ice jams, or tsunamis where applicable.
  • Historical flood information
    • Make available information about past flooding at or near specific locations or a site in question.
  • Natural floodplain functions
    • Provide information about about areas that should be protected because of their natural floodplain functions and share contact information of group with special interested in protecting these important natural resources.

Flood Elevation Certification Information Available

  • Assistance with reviewing owner provided flood elevation certificates
  • Other valuable uses for flood elevation certificate to be shared with the Floodplain Manager
    • Elevation Certificates are used by the ISO/CRS Specialist to verify regulatory credits available to your, such as development of new base flood elevations and freeboard.
    • Elevation Certificate data can also be helpful when advising an inquirer about flood protection alternatives, and flood insurance rating that may affect the communities insurance rate for policies.
  • **NEW*** View Property Information and Flood Elevations.  **NOTE** All flood elevations and zones to be confirmed by the Floodplain Manager.  All formal Zone and BFE’s must be determined only from the official FEMA Flood Map Service Center website. 

Some of the resources provided to property owners and our future property owners at our scheduled workshops

  • Access to your property’s archived records such as flood elevation certifications, surveys, and permit history.
  • Access to experts in the insurance industry to calculate your insurance savings based upon mitigation.
  • Access to these experts to make the changes to become flood compliant.
    • Surveyor to obtain a new flood elevation certification.
    • HVAC & Electrical contractor to relocate AC condenser or Furnace.
    • Masonry contractor to install flood vents.
    • Inspectors to discuss permit related items.
  • Light refreshments will be served.


  • To Be Announced


  • To Be Announced


  • The Borough of Monmouth Beach aggressively works hard to reduce the community’s flood risk exposure to the community.  The Borough worked tirelessly to enter the Community Rating System program (CRS) to ensure all residents of the community have available to them the lowest flood insurance premiums possible.

What you should bring if available.
All items can be emailed in advance of the workshop.

  • A copy of a current or any flood elevation certificate for your property.
  • A copy of your flood insurance declaration page.
  • A survey of your property.
  • Pictures of the four sides of your property.

For More Info:

Who should attend?

  • Anyone in the Borough of Monmouth Beach that has a property located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) or any other interested party.


Thank you,

Borough of Monmouth Beach