We are located at:
18 Willow Ave.
Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750
Phone: 732-229-5513

The Public Works Department manages borough wide garbage, recycling, bulk removal programs,
and maintains the streets, parks and ball fields within the borough.

We can be reached at:
Phone: 732-229-5513
Email: jchirichello@monmouthbeach.org

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday: 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Summer hours Memorial Day thru Labor Day

Monday thru Friday: 6:00 AM – 2:30 PM


Curbside Pick-ups


Garbage and Recycling pickup will remain on the Winter schedule.

Zone 1

East side of Riverdale

Garbage pickup is Monday and Thursday

Recycling pickup is Wednesday

Zone 2

West side of Riverdale

Garbage pickup is Tuesday and Friday

Recycling pickup is Wednesday

Cardboard Recycling Preparation

If cardboard was used for shipping, you must remove any shipping materials such as packing peanuts, plastic bags and bubble wrap.

Boxes must be flattened and tied, or they will not be picked up.

For boxes that contained large items, you must fold or cut the cardboard box in half. It must fit in your recycling container or be tied at the curb.

For boxes that are food-soiled (such as pizza boxes), cut out any oil stains before recycling. Food soiled cardboard doesn’t have a recycling market.

Go to www.MonmouthBeach.org or the App store to get your free

The Recycle Coach link (https://recyclecoach.com/) will notify you of the schedule changes.

We thank the Monmouth Beach Residents for your help


Newspapers-tied in bundles, 8-10 inches high

Corrugated cardboard-flattened & tied in bundles or in larger box

Office paper & mixed paper

Aluminum, Tin, Steel and Bimetals cans

Glass bottles & jars

Plastic #1 & 2, but not margarine, butter or baby wipe containers


Vegetative waste pick-up

Must be in cans, bags or tied in bundles

Brush, hedge clippings, twigs, small branches, etc…

Landscapers are responsible for removal of brush & debris

Grass clippings will not be picked up as the landfill does not accept them


Branch or tree limbs for chipping

Branches up to 6 inches in diameter & 4-8 feet in length

Branches must be placed at the curb, all butt ends facing the same direction


Bulk pick-up – Collection of special large items

By appointment only

Please call Borough Hall at 732-229-2204 ext. 1001

Four (4) pick-ups per household per year

Metals & Appliances WILL be picked up

Only a “reasonable” amount of bulk will be picked up. We do not haul away a garage, basement or contents of an entire home. You will have to call a private dumpster company for a disposal that large.

No construction or demolition debris will be picked up


Rake leaves to the curbside as they are picked up with a vacuum

No branches or twigs can be mixes in or placed on top of leaf piles; nothing but leaves can be pulled in by the vacuum


Borough yard
Behind Borough Hall

Cardboard, newspaper, mixed paper and cans/bottles/plastic

County Facility

Household Hazardous waste Facility, 3211 Shafto Road, Tinton Falls 732-683-8686
Hours: Tues & Wed 12-4 pm; Thurs & Fri 12-8 pm and Sat 8-4 pm
Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, paints, solvents, thinners, varnishes,
Pool chemicals, propane BBQ tanks. Materials must be in marked containers with
Original labels. Maximum 200 lbs. dry/20 gals liquid material per visit.

Why Recycle ? 

It has economic and environmental benefits. All this “stuff” no longer goes into landfills. As much as possible, it’s re-manufactured into new products-glass reshaped, newspaper remade as paper; plastic drinking containers become lumber. Recycling saves resources and raw materials.

It costs you nothing. It sells the “stuff”. Not at a profit, but it saves the borough dumping fees at the County landfill, and makes our recycling self-financing.

It’s the law. Violators are subject to penalties, including fine, jail and/or community service. It’s a violation if you put recyclables in with regular garbage. At the County Reclamation Center all garbage is dumped on the floor and if they find recycling the Borough gets fined.

To clarify what to do: Call Borough Hall At 732-229-2204

Superintendent of Public Works: Joe Chirichello
Lester Jones
Anthony Giurlando
Andy Anderson
Mark Godsil
John Schulz
Brian Bartsche
Christian Matthews
Joseph Wolfe